Safety thermal cut-out 89.00


For heat generators with tempertures up to 350°C


Electro-mechanical safety thermal cut-out (STB) with capillary sensor approved to DIN EN 14597 and EN60730-1/2-9
  • If cut-out temperature is exceeded, circuit switches to OFFor changeover and stays in thisposition
  • Fail safe design: Expansion liquid loss results in opening of contact C-1
  • Manuell resetting after sensing element has cooled by at least 10K
  • Single-pole micro switch with on/off or change-over switch
  • Time factor of sensing element better than DIN EN 14597
  • Temperature compensated switching head
  • Operation type 2.B.H.K.L.P (EN60730)
  • RoHS-conform
  • DIN CERTCO Registernumber: TR1107

Technical data

Switching system

Endurance class 1.000 operations
Nominal voltage/current
250 V AC
16 (3,5) A
4 (0.6) A
Protection against electric shock for incorporation in class I equipment I
Protection standard of housing IP00 (EN 60 529
Overvoltage category II

Range of application

Cut-out temperature
fixed adjustmen
60 ... 350°C
110...85°C, 120...95°C,
Max. sensing element temp taus + 25K
Ambiant temperature at switching head max. 85 °C (T85)
Storage and transport temperature -25...+60 °C


Calibrated for ambiant temperature at switching head
23°C or 50°C (Tu23/Tu50 according to DIN EN 14597)
Calibration tolerance - 4 K, max 6%
Drift 2 K
Time factor in water / in oil < 45 s / < 60 s


Capillary und sensing element copper / stainless steel
Capillary length 500 ... 3500 mm
Phial forms
round, diameter
half-, third-, quater circle

3, 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8,

9.5, 10, 11, 12 mm

Diaphragm stainless steel
Connection and earthing terminals Tab terminal A6.3x0.8 according to DIN46244

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