Thermostats TH 260, TH 261


Temperature-sensitive element is formed by heatproof stainless steel tube. Temperature-depending dilatation of the tube is transferred by invar rod to switch mechanism. Switch mechanism is closed in thermostat head. Regulation knob for temperature setting is also closed in head and can be adjusted (to avoid change of set temperature e.g. due to vibrations).

The thermostat can be mounted using two holes at its base plate. Avoid mechanical stress of stem during installation, free dilatation of the stem must not be blocked. Thermostats can be installed in any position. Thermostat is equipped with cable gland 13.5.

Invar rods between the active part of the stem and head prevent the overheating of thermostat head.

Technical data

Control range 200 °C to 400 °C
Switching difference 5-20 K
Setting accuracy ±10 % from the highest rated switching temperature
Stem length 160 mm + 110 mm heat insulating section
Rated voltage, rated current 120 V, 0,5 A DC (TH 260)
250 V, 15 A AC (TH 261)
Max. temperature of the switch head 120 °C
Max. temperature of the stem 500 °C
Weight approx. 0,85 kg
Protection IP 44
Resistance to external influences head resistant to influences of class AB7AE3AM1AN1BE1
Lifetime 10 000 cycles

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