Thermostat TH 20


Thermostat consists of a stem and a switch head. The stem is formed by dilatation tube and invar rod. The switch element is attached to a swinging right-angled bridge held by two spiral springs. Position of the bridge against invar rod can be changed by regulation knob. Switch mechanism itself consists of two joint springs.

The thermostat can be mounted using two holes at its base plate. Distance between bottom part of the switch head and side of the body should be approximately 2 cm. This space should be filled by insulation material so the temperature of the switch head does not exceed 120 °C.

Technical data

Control range 80 °C to 320 °C
Rated voltage, rated current 250 V, 10 A AC
Setting accuracy ±16  °C in 200 °C
Setting difference min. 1K, max. 12 K
Stem length 100, 330 mm
Weight approx. 0,45 kg
Lifetime 10 000 cycles

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