Thermostat TH 810.2


Thermostat consists of a stem and a switch head. The stem is formed by stainless steel tube that is connected to switch head. The second end of the stem is closed by sealed plug. Temperature-depending dilatation of the tube is transferred by quartz rod inside to switch mechanism. Required switching temperature is set in manufacturer according to customer need.

Avoid mechanical stress of stem or head during installation, bending or twisting the stem must be also avoided. As the thermostat is not hermetically sealed, it can be used only in places protected from dirt, dust and humidity.

Technical data

Control range -30 °C to 300 °C
Switching difference 5-40 K
Setting accuracy ±5 % from control range
Max. temperature of the switch head 60 °C
Max. temperature of the stem max. 800 °C (min. -40 °C )
Rated voltage, rated current 24 V, 15 A DC
Stem length 88 mm
Weight approx. 0,20 kg
Protection IP 00
Lifetime 10 000 cycles

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