The APT-OMS-NA-6 device is intended for reading residential water meters and wireless data transmission. The transmission is carried out using Wireless M-Bus in accordance with the standard PN-EN 13757 and Open Metering System Volume 3. The open communication protocol enables compatibility with a wide range of devices forming a structure for remote readings and data transmissions. The device is built on a microprocessor system and the optical sensors used allow, among other things, optical reading of data with the water meter, recognition of the direction of water flow, reading The radio is fully compatible with the data of the water meter. The device is resistant to a strong external magnetic field and the battery source enables continuous operation for up to 12 years. The data encryption method is implemented using the AES - CBC 128-bit encryption key algorithm, which provides protection against unauthorized access to the measurement data and ensures the integrity of the data transmitted to the system.


  • easy installation on the water meter without further modifications
  • quick and easy setup using mobile devices
  • operating in the license-free ISM band 868 MHz
  • data encryption using the encryption algorithm AES - CBC 128-bit encryption keys in accordance with PN-EN-13757-3
  • current time with the option to take into account time (winter - summer) and leap years
  • the possibility to choose the type of device and the settings of the properties associated with the water meter
  • five operating modes for data transfer time can be individually adjusted
  • the possibility of detection, registration and signaling of anomalies in the measurement of water consumption and overlaying the work of signaling events
  • the ability to store and read a volume from 1 to 16 months
  • water consumption reading using mobile terminals in the system or telemetry collection in the stationary system
  • the device is completely resistant to any influence of an external magnetic field
  • the device is compatible with the Open Metering System Volume 3 specifications for remote reading and data transmission

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