Electronic radio module E-RM 30 for residential water meter GSD8-RF (B-Meters)

Radio module E-RM 30 scans the data from specially designed water meter, processes them, save to the memory and transmits data via radio signal.
Data sent by radio interface can be read without entering the flat and even entering the building. E-RM 30 together with electronic heat cost allocators E-ITN 30 protect your privacy and save your time due to remote data reading.

Data reading

E-RM 30 rod antenna features a very good efficiency. Due to this high-quality signal it is possible to read data without entering the building even in case of installation in the shaft of multiple-storey building. Data reading can be made by billing company employee using mobile receiving unit. Data can be also read by central reading system permanently installed in the building if required.

If radio heat cost allocators E-ITN 30 are also used, data are read simultaneously.

User control

Every user can control current value on analogue dial of water meter.

Protection against cheating

In contrast to the traditional water meter, radio module can E-RM 30 distinguish the direction of water flow - it is thus possible to detect manipulation with water meter (its turning).

The radio module can be of course secured by conventional mechanical seal against its removal from the water meter. The radio module is equipped with an electronic seal that allows you to identify unauthorized manipulation and record the exact date. Information about such manipulation is transmitted in radio signal.

Month consumptions for forward and back flow for past 12 months can be read from the radio module memory via infra-red interface.

Technical data

Radio module E-RM 30
Working temperature 5 to 50 °C
Calendar functions consumption for past 12 months (both for normal flow and back flow)
Data reading radio and infra-red interface
Protection against cheating back flow detection - module detects direction of water flow
electronic seal records manipulation date when uninstalled
possibility to mechanically seal radio module to water meter
Data backup daily backup of measured values including real time
Function control automatic
Dimensions 70 x 43 x 69 mm
Power supply lithium battery 3,0 V
Material polycarbonate
Protection IP 64
Mechanical and environmental class B
Electromagnetic class E1

Radio parameters
Operating frequency 868 MHz
Transmitting power < 5 mW
Transmission length 8 ms
Transmission range up to 500 m (without entering the building, with additional panel antenna).
Rem.: It is necessary to consider that all metal parts of construction (armouring, lifts, switch rooms, etc.) can negatively affect the range of radio signal.
Data coding yes


Radio module is intended to be used in an assembly with the B-Meters water meters, type GSD8-RF in any position.

Water meter GSD8-RF
Maximum flow rate Qmax m3
Nominal flow rate Qn
1,5 m3
Maximal working pressure 16 bar
Accuracy class
B - horizontal installation
A - vertical installation
Working temperature
0 až 30 °C - cold water
30 až 90 °C - hot water
Data reading visually from analogue dial of water meter
Protection against cheating
protection against affecting by magnet
Dimensions 110 x 70 x 74 mm
Weight 0,5 kg

Dimensional drawings

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