Electronic radio module OP-LWAN

The OP-LWAN universal optical radio module is used to record water meter readings and transmit measurement data using the LoRaWAN communication protocol. It allows a wide range of registration plan configuration and error message registration. The archiving of this data allows extensive data analysis and diagnostics. Installation is directly onto water meteras manufactured to IP 65 standards by Apator Metra S.A. The module is able to cooperate with a variety of devices creating a structure of remote reading and data transmission.


  • Can be installed on water meter in operation
  • Resistant to electromagnetic fields
  • Saves up to 365 records to its internal memory
  • 5 operation modes
  • Supports custom configuration of the data transmission interval
  • Battery lifetime up to 11 years (depending on configuration)

Basic technical parameters

Transmission protocol LoRaWAN
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Ingress protection rating IP 65
Power supply Lithium battery 3,6V DC AA
Device lifetime 11 years maximum
Transmitter power output No more than 25 mW
Dimensions h= 34mm; s= 65,5 mm
Weight 0,05 kg

Files to download

Catalogue sheet OP-LWAN

Photos of the product

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