Electronic radio module E-RM 30.501 with impulse inputs

Basic specification

Radio module uses reed switch (an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field) to record impulses from any type of water meter (or electric meter) which allows to install such sensor (dry-dial and wet-dial of all DN, including of all base meters we are not able to service with our radio modules E-RM 30). Radio module includes two inputs (in total of 3 conductors, one conductor is being shared among both sensors). Radio module counts impulses and its frequency is transmitted using radio signal with Metra communication protocol.

Radio module is not installed on water meters, it has an eyelet allowing to attach it (e.g. on a wall, pipe…). Out of the module are brought out three different colored cables used to connect conductors of reed switches (one of the conductors is shared among both sensors). Attachment of indicators to water meters is task of the water meter manufacturer. Cutting of the cable leading to the sensor (sensors) is undetectable.
Using infrared interface it is possible to read annual values from the device out of all sensors (current + 3 years back) and monthly values of impulses from each sensor (current + 12 months back) and total count of impulses from each of the sensors. In the IR interfaces is also information about loss of the flow rate.

Indicates loss of flow rate if in determined time frame (e.g. 14 days) impulse from one of the sensors is not registered, this is indicated as loss of the flow rate (indication of a risk of dishonest manipulation).

Data reading

The Whip antenna of module E-RM 30.501 has a great range. Signal can be read in front of the building without entering flats. Reading can be done by a billing company employee using a mobile application or using a system of central readings.

If you used radio heat cost allocators E-ITN 30, you can use the same devices to read signals together.

Technical data

Working temperature 5°C až 50 °C
Calendar features

impulses from sensor 1 and sensor 2 for current month and last 12 months

Data reading

radio interface - one way Metra protocol (RFU 40 + CRS 40), 

infrared interface (IRU 10)

Protection against cheating

optional use of mechanical seal, loss of flow rate detection

Power supply lithium battery 3 V
Lifetime 10 years + 1 year reserve

Data backup

daily data backup including real time

Functionality control automatic
Electronic seal no
Permanent flow rate detection yes
Infra interface yes
Radio module

yes (868 MHz), Metra communication protocol – one way

IP code IP64 or higher

Files to download

Catalogue sheet Manual

Photos of the product

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