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Electrical switch system of thermostat TH 490 is operated by changes of arching of bimetallic spherical cap caused by environment temperature change. It is designed for single-wire circuit. Thermostat is made as one unit it looks like brass bolt with M 22x1.5 thread and OK 29 hexagonal head with socket for connecting the cooling system plug. Sensor and the electrical switch system are assembled, adjusted and enclosed in the thermostat body. Thermostat is supplied with flat sealing ring diameter 22x27.

The connecting plug AMP No.828962-1 can be also supplied as optional accessory.


Thermostat saves fuel when used in cooling system of passenger car combustion engines as it lowers consumption for permanent cooling and thus increase the engine efficiency.

Technical data

Switch-on temperature 97 °C, +2/-3 °C
Switch-off temperature ≥ 88 °C
Rated voltage 12 V =
Maximal current 16 A
Minimal current 0,1 A
Environment temperature -40 °C to +120 °C
Resistance to temporary temperature increase 135 °C
Resistance against vibrations 5 g
Climatic resistance N 24
Connecting terminals flat pins 2,8x0,8 in cover with dimension for connecting plug AMP No. 828962-1
Connecting strength max. 100 N
Weight approx. 58 g
Working position any
Accessories flat sealing ring 22 x 30 x 2
Lifetime 30 000 cycles

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