Thermostat TH 473


Thermostat TH 473 is made as one unit. Sensor and the electrical switch system are assembled, adjusted and enclosed in the thermostat body. To install it, use thread M 22x1.5 on the thermostat body and hexagon head OK 27. Connecting terminals are flat pins 6.3 x 0.8 mm that are electrically insulated from the thermostat body. Thermostat head with flat pins is connected permanently with thermostat body. Thermostat is supplied with sealing ring diameter 22x27.

There are gilded silver contacts used in switch mechanism thermostat must not be connected to higher voltage or current than described in technical data, otherwise technical parameters can not be guaranteed.

Required temperature is adjusted in manufacturer according specification in order set temperature can not be changed by user.


Fix the thermostat in specified hole using spanner No. 27 with torque maximally 45 Nm. Screwing and unscrewing must not be done using flat pins on thermostat head. Spare parts are not supplied.


  • any working position
  • resistance against splashing water
  • resistance against vibrations up to 5 g
  • minimal contact resistance
  • very low working voltage

Technical data

Thermostat can be supplied either in switch-on design (Z) or switch-off design (R).
Range of rated temperature from 30 °C to 118 °C
Setting accuracy of rated temperature ±3 K
Switching difference 4-18 K (A), 4-12 K (B)
Rated voltage, rated current 100 mV, 0.5 A DC
Contact resistance max. 8 mΩ
Technical lifetime for rated voltage and current 5000 cycles
Connecting terminals flat pins according to ČSN EN 612 10

Example of codename

Switch-off design Rated temperature 92 °C Switching difference 4-12 K


Please specify following items in order:
  • type
  • thermostat design (Z or R)
  • rated temperature [°C]
  • codename
  • quantity

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