Thermometer wells

Thermometer wells are intended for protection of thermometer stem against environment influences. Wells are manufactured in several designs: steel wells cataphoretic plated, chromium-plated or made from combination of brass (socket) / copper (stem).

Weld-on pieces are addition to wells.


Thermometer well is intended for installation in designated device (e.g. electrical boiler, water heater). Installation is done by screwing the well neck to device coat using suitable sealing. To install the thermometer, insert it into the well of suitable size and secure it by M5 x 8 bolt.

Maximum working pressure is PN 6 according to ČSN 130010. All manufactured thermostat wells are subjected to pressure leak test by air under water. Maximum working temperature is also labelled at the well next to maximum working pressure.

Technical data

thermometer stem length L [mm] well length L1 [mm] material / surface finish ø A [mm] ø B [mm]
45, 60, 100, 160, 250 50, 65, 105, 165, 255 steel / cataphoretic plating
steel / chromium-plating
brass, copper / -
8,7 12,0
400 405 steel / cataphoretic plating
steel / chromium-plating
630, 1000 635, 1005 steel / cataphoretic plating
steel / chromium-plating
12,5 15,0
1500 1505
steel / cataphoretic plating

Cataphoretic plating: belongs among the most modern green technologies of surface finish of metal products. Treated products are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, impact.

Hard chrome (chromium-plating): main advantage of this surface finish is high corrosion resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance.

Thread: Thermometer wells can be produced with thread M20x1,5 or G½". See price list for more informations about threads used for particular versions (length, surface finish).

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