Thermometer stainless well

Thermometer wells are used to protect stem of a thermometer against influence of environment at a place of installation. Well is used to be built into a designated device (e.g. electrical boiler, water heater). Installation of the well is done by sliding a stem of thermometer into a well of a specified size and securing by a screw M5 x 8 stainless (socket head). Maximum working pressure of wells is PN 6 according to ČSN 130010 (possible delivery of wells with up to PN 40 per request). Except maximum working pressure also maximum working temperature is marked on a well.

Weld-on pieces are addition to wells.


Stem length 45, 60, 100, 160 mm
Well length 50, 65, 105, 165 mm
Material (standard) AISI 304 (suitable for food industry)
Material (variations per request) AISI 316, 136L, 316Ti and others

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