Thermometer DIT 41

DIT 41 is a thermometer designed to measure temperature inside a single-glass oven. Installation of thermometer in the oven door is possible only upon further consultation with a manufacturer (adjustment of the scale is required). Thermometer is mounted on the inner side of glass by a nut with a washer. Thermometer body is made of stainless steel, firmly connected to the scale, pin and bimetallic measuring system. Thermometer can only be placed in an environment where no invasive substances are present. The measured value must not exceed the maximum scale range. Thermometer can be supplied separately or embedded in a hardened or refractory glass according to a customer preferences. Custom laser text and logo can be added in the bottom part of the thermometer.


Measuring range +50 and up to +300°C
Resolution of the scale 50°C
Accuracy ±5% from the measuring range
Approx. Weight 13g
Types with glass DIT 41.2, without glass DIT 41.1

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