Oven thermometer DTSP


The measuring bi-metallic system shaped as Archimedes spiral is fitted in the thermometer case and mounted in the middle of the oven door glass with printed scale. The heat causes the spiral in the measuring system to wind or unwind. The pointer fixed to the spiral indicates the temperature in the oven.

Customizable parameters

  • type and dimensions of the glass
  • position of the thermometer in the glass
  • colours of the casing


Mounting of the glass into the oven door is done by the producer of the stove.

Technical data

Measuring range 0 to 300 °C
Scale division 10 °C
Accuracy ±2,5 % from scale range
Approx. weight 1 315 g
Dimensions according to dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawings

Files to download

Catalogue sheet DTSP

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