Reading unit IRU 10.00

Description and usage

Unit IRU 10.00 is used for data reading from the electronic heat cost allocators E-ITN 10, 20, 30 and radio modules for residential water meters E-RM 30 via infra-red (IR) interface. Also basic service of radio module E-RM 30 (without LC Display) is possible to provided with IRU 10.00 (switching between modes and to display set parameters or module functions). Read data are transmitted via serial interface RS-232 to PC for further processing. For data transfer from the device to PC communication software IRU is used that is the part of the program package EITN. In cooperation with the decoding software from the same software package data verification is performed – only data from allocators and radio modules that the billing company owned so called customer data for are transferred to PC. Although the unit can read data from any allocator or radio module with infra-red interface, data transfer and further processing can be done only with proper customer data (licence and decoding files) provided by manufacturer. Reading unit consists of a two part plastic casing, where electronic parts including batteries are located. Cover parts are connected with screw, after screw release upper side of the cover can be removed to replace the batteries. At the top of the unit, reading head with transmitting (and also receiving) IR diode and LC Display is located On the left side of the reading unit, operation button and serial port connector to connect the unit to a PC are located. For PC connection cable RS232 with connectors D-SUB9 Female/D-SUB9 Male – extension (patched) is used.

Technical specifications

Display 5 digit LCD display + 2 special symbols
Communication interface RS 232 
Capacity 500 records
Power Supply 2 x AAA 1,5 / 1,2 V NiCd / NiMH

Technical drawings

Files to download

Catalogue sheet Manual Short manual

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