Antenna RST

The RST-869V-3 antenna is intended for use with 868 MHz radio sets. The antenna has circular polarization, low VSWR and is less directional. The radiators are located in a plastic housing. An additional handle allows the antenna to be carried easily. The antenna is equipped with an N-female connector.

Technical details

Electronic information RST-869V-3

Frequency band [MHz] 864 - 875 
Gain [dBi] 9
Angle of radiation vertical/horizontal [°] 64/64
Reduction of unwanted emissions [dB] 14
Impedance [Ω] 50
Standing wave ratio.[-] 1.2
Max. power [W] 10
Polarization elliptical

Mechanical information RST-869V-3

Weight [g] 600
Dimensions [mm] 240x240x45
Connector N-female
Antenna and accessories material Galvanized steel, D16, brass
Housing material Polycarbonate + ABS
Protective coating Polymeric colour


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