Probe thermometer TRV

Bimetallic technical thermometer TRV is suitable for temperature measurement mainly in agriculture (temperature of silage, compost, grain storage, straw stack, etc.). It can used also for temperature measurement in coal dumps, malt houses etc. It has wide use.


The thermometer consists of stainless steal head and stem made of galvanized steel tube. The end of the stem is terminated by spike for easier inserting into the measured medium and is provided with surface protection. Removable handle and fastening ring are parts of the thermometer.

Technical data

Scale range
Measuring range
Scale division
-30 to +50 °C
-20 to +40 °C
1 °C   ±2 % from range 1050 g as drawn
0 to + 200 °C
20 to + 180 °C

Dimensional drawings

Photos of the product

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