Flue gas thermometer TRS


The flue gas thermometer TRS is built for direct measurement of flue gas temperature. Thermometer is designed to fit into the smoke pipe of fireplace or solid fuel stoves. For TRS thermometer, the recommended stem insertion depth is all the way in and the gauge must be tightly pressed to the mounting attachment. Thermometer has a temperature range of 0 - 450 ° C. Measurement accuracy is ± 2% of the scale. Three main zones are displayed on the scale:

TOO COLD - imperfect combustion in the heating system; vapour and tar condensate in the smoke pipe and in the chimney             

OPTIMAL - optimal combustion of fuel in the heating system

TOO HOT - fuel is burned inefficiently, excessive heat loss

The temperature must be evaluated in the operating state of the heating system, not in the case of heating.

Reading from TRS must be performed in operating state of the heating system not while heating up.

Technical details

Scale range 0 ÷ 450°C
Measuring range 50 ÷ 400°C
Accurancy ±2 % of the scale
Stem length 100 mm
Head diameter 60 mm, 100 mm
Colourways - black/blue/white/red
- black/white

Mounting accessories included.

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