Capillary thermometer TCS 60

TCS 60 is pressure thermometer intended for temperature measurement in applications where measuring place is different from place of reading. Thermometer consists of a capillary system and head. The thermometer head is constituted of casing and plastic window that protect marker, dial with scale and elastic measuring component.


Thermometer consists of tube in shape of Archimedes' spiral. The inner pressure, that is induced by dilation of the liquid held in the sensor, causes the spiral to uncoil. This rotation movement, that is proportional to the pressure, is transferred to the pointer indicating a measured value at the scale. The sensor and the spiral are connected with a capillary.


Capillary thermometers are intended for temperature measurement in hot water solid-fuel boilers. Thermometers can be used in their measuring range (20-100 °C). Measured temperature must not exceed the upper limit of measuring range. Thermometers can be used in any position. Thermometer head can be installed in environment with maximal temperature 40 °C. Temperature sensor must be placed in liquid or gaseous medium that does not damage copper and its alloys. In other cases, the sensor must be placed in thermometer well. TCS 60 is not intended for use in industry.

Technical data

Measuring range 20-100 °C
Scale range 0-120 °C
Scale division 2 K
Accuracy ±4 % from scale range
Capillary length 1 450 mm
Colour of scale black
Climatic influences group B2
parameters +5 ° C to +40 °C
Mechanic influences group NX
vibrations - freq. from 10 to 50 Hz, amplitude max. 0,15 mm

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