Ultrasonic water meter Ultrimis

The Ultrimis is an ultrasonic water meter with many patented design and technological features, such as the proprietary "W-Sonic Technology" ultrasonic measuring method. None of the materials in contact with water used for the construction of this meter contain heavy metals. The standard version of this water meter is fully waterproof. The innovative structure makes our product arguably the lightest and smallest ultrasonic water meter available to our customers.


Cold water R250, R400 or R800.

W-Sonic Technology  

The Ultrimis meter features a measurement method based on a unique ultrasonic beam path (W-Sonic) through the measurement chamber, ensuring indicator stability across the entire measurement range. The distinctive characteristics of this technology are:

  • The ability to design a water meter of a considerably shorter length than with other ultrasonic beam paths
  • No covers in the flow sectional view
  • No impact of impurities on the measurement
  • The use of an e-system to monitor the ultrasonic beam parameters, hence compensating for ageing of the piezo elements
  • No need to use additional equipment for the water meter, such as a strainer or check valve

Technical Data

Technical data

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