Electronic heat cost allocator E-ITN 30.xx EX with external sensor

Data reading

Due to integrated radio transmitter, presence of flat occupant is not required when data are read. Data reading can be made by billing company employee using mobile receiving unit RFU 35 from outside of the house.

Protection against cheating

Both the allocator and the remote sensor are equipped with a mechanic and an electronic seal. The allocator is delivered in sealed state with both electronic seals activated.

If either electronic seal is violated the allocator saves the date of breach of the electronic seal to its memory and stops to show measured data on the display. Only the notice oPEn is displayed and indicates breach of one or both electronic seals.

The allocator continues in measuring and transmitting of measured data. Information about breach of the electronic seal is available in data transmitted by radio module and in data transferred via IR interface.


E-ITN 30 is intended to be installed in one-tube horizontal/vertical and two-tube heating systems with the lowest mean design heating medium temperature tmin ≥ 35 °C and highest mean design heating medium temperature tmax ≤ 105 °C.

Technical data

Measuring principle two-sensor measuring principle
Conditions for measuring sensor temperature of the radiator ≥ 23 °C
temperature difference between the mean heating medium temperature and the reference air temperature <= 5 K (according to standard EN 834:2013),
different conditions for registration in the summer period
Resulting rating factor K depends on the type of allocator, see. manual
Calendar functions depends on the type of allocator, see. manual
Data imaging 5-dial LC display + 2 special symbols
Data reading visually, radio and infra-red interface
Protection against cheating

continuous control of surroundings temperature, if the thermal influence is detected, allocator is switched to single-sensor mode
electronic seal records manipulation date when uninstalled
electronic seal of the remote sensor – records manipulation date when uninstalled

Data backup daily backup of measured values including real time
Function control automatic, can be activated and controlled by user
Dimensions allocator 100 x 37 x 40 mm, sensor 21 x 37 x 45 mm
Power supply lithium battery 3,0 V
Material ABS + PC / Al - F22
IP code IP 42
Conformity EN 834

Technical data of the radio part

Operating frequency 868 MHz
Transmitting power < 5 mW
Transmission length depends on the type of allocator, see. manual
Transmission range up to 250 m (without entering the building, with additional panel antenna)
Rem.: it is necessary to consider that all metal parts of construction (armouring, lifts, switch rooms, etc.) can negatively affect the range of radio signal.
Data coding yes

Dimmensional drawings

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