Dry-dial vane-wheel single-jet water meter JS Smart D+

Smart D+ is the next generation of the "Smart" series of single-jet dry water meters, featuring exceptional measurement accuracy, low water consumption and modern design. These new solutions have been designed to significantly increase the metrological and service life parameters. The water meter is interoperable with clip-on communication modules for automatic wired or wireless meter reading. The water meter design is MID Directive compliant, and is classed as operating in the R200 measurement range.


Cold, i.e. up to 50°C, water supply systems in single-and multi-family houses. The rotating counter facilitates water meter readings in the appropriate operating positions. Installation in horizontal pipelines (pipes) with a top (H↑) or side (H→) counter, and vertical pipelines with a side (V) counter.

Metrological class (MID)

  • Cold water up to R200 - H; R80 - V,


Features and advantages

  • Low starting flow
  • EN14154 compliant resistance to external magnetic fields
  • No need for straight sections upstream or downstream of the U0D0 water meter
  • Proprietary water meter counter cover design to increase resistance to adverse external impacts
  • No need for copper wire and lead seal (compliant with RoHS Directive recommendations)
  • Suitable for remote readings (radio, pulse or M-Bus)
  • Hermetically-sealed counter, resistant to fogging, with clear numbers on the barrels in two colours for improved reading accuracy
  • Alarm capability - meter with a communication module, capable of signalling removal of or damage to the module, disruption of operation, reverse flows, leakage, etc.
  • Convenient reading, with the option of the swivel-set counter rotation of up to 365° relative to its axis
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Proven and durable structure
  • High operational durability

Basic technical data

Type   Q3
WATER METERS for cold water
JS1,6-02 Smart D+ R160 - H, R80 - V 1,6 15 110
JS2,5-02 Smart D+ R200 - H, R80 - V 2,5 15 110
JS2,5-G1-02 Smart D+ R200 - H, R80 - V 2,5 20 130 G1
JS4 Smart D+ R200 - H, R80 - V 4 20 130 G1


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