Automatic update of firmware CRS 40

Updated: 18.7.2023

Automatic update of firmware CRS 40 will run during July 2023. The total size of the update is 125 MB.

New features

  • Support for W-Mbus OMS devices. Data from devices which can be decoded are stored in separate *.oms.csv file.
  • Full support of configuration via SFTP server. For details see technical documentation.
  • Configuration backup. With every change in configuration, compressed backup is sent to SFTP server. Backup is stored in config/backup folder in unit’s SFTP folder. Function is enabled / disabled in Basic settingsSFTP settingsBackup settings to SFTP server.
  • On demand SFTP server check. Configuration and updates on SFTP server are checked and alternatively applied after current reading is stopped with Stop current reading button on the main page.
  • Sending reading network statistics. Reading network statistics in json format are added to the diagnostics files and error logs. Function is enabled / disabled in Basic settingsDiagnostic and error logsSend reading network statistics?
  • Detailed modem status: Connection settings → GSM modem settings → GSM connection status.
  • Detailed wifi status: Connection settings → Setting of the WiFi adapter → WiFi status.
  • Fallback NTP and DNS servers configuration. In case of problems with ISP servers, predefined fallback configuration is used (public Google DNS, private Metra NTP server for CRS units).
  • Ethernet interface MAC address register. MAC address may be required by ISP before connecting unit to own network. List is available upon request.
  • Support for new serial number lines of EITN30.X a ERM30.X devices.
  • Support for radio boards with FW232.

Changes and bug-fixes

  • Database optimization. Database size reduced by 90 %, SD card writes reduced by 15 % (in sample installation with B unit, 4 A units and 330 meters).
  • Fixed data parsing for ATM-16-2.
  • Fixed loading large plans. Large plans (several thousand devices) are handled correctly.
  • Optimized sending data to SFTP server. In case of error with one file all files were sometimes sent again in endless loop.
  • Change of time window for SFTP server check. Interval is set from 3:00 to 4:00 AM with randomized start.
  • VPN interface network mask change. There could be conflicts with some ISP’s networks. 24 or 8 bit mask was changed to 32 bits.
  • Detection of radio board with external watchdog. On units with external watchdog there is “w” appended to version number in page footer (i.e. 5.3.0 w).
  • Option for data generation only for devices in reading plan or for all authorized devices (applies for csv and json files, txt files are created separately for devices in plan and authorized devices not in plan). Basic settingsAutomatic sending of information messages via e-mailDecode devices off the plan?
  • Uploading plans, authorization files, base of plan: zip files may contain folders.


  • Software packages update – security and bug fixes. System update to version Debian 11.7.