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APATOR METRA one of the biggest manufacturers of measuring and control equipment in Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1947 as branch plant of national enterprise Metra Blansko. In current time our product portfolio involves both product line of thermometers and thermostats and line of electronic heat cost allocators and water meters with radio reading. We export our products to many European countries and to the Middle East.

Company's strong suit is high quality level. We are EN ISO 9001 certified by TÜV NORD CERT from 1996.

We can satisfied most of your requirements with broad range of our product. We can also manufacture custom-made products for you so do not hesitate to contact us.




Indikátory Electronic heat cost allocators E-ITN are devices intended for ratio-based allocation of heat cost in buildings with central heating system.   Vodoměry Residential water meters serve for water measurement in single flat. Measured data are used for allocation of costs for delivery and warming of water.




Broad range of thermostats and thermal cutouts for temperature regulation in various applications. Thermostats exceed in high robustness, simple installation and easy operation.
Excellent reliability is ensured by mechanical system without any power consumption.
Thermometers are intended for temperature measurement in both industrial and household applica- tions. Thermometer long lifetime is ensured by robust construction.
Capillary thermometers and mano- meters are intended for applications where point of measurement is distant from display position.


Sale of sliding cylindrical resistors OPK. Engineering works on demand.


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27.09.2016 - Burza práce -

Dovolujeme si oznámit, že se dne 13. 10. 2016 účastníme Burzy práce a vzdělávání v Domě kultury v Šumperku na ulici Fialova 3 v době od 9. do 17. hodin.

Zveme tímto všechny zájemce o práci pro sebe či svoje děti, ať se zastaví u našeho stánku.

Těšíme se na Vaši návštěvu.

Burza prace






09.09.2016 - Dekódovací a autorizační data -

Vážení obchodní partneři prosíme o vyplnění dotazníku týkající se distribuce dekódovacích dat.

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11.05.2015 - Electronic heat cost allocator E-ITN 30 with external sensor -

E-ITN 30ESA new type of heat cost allocator with external sensor.

03.09.2014 - E-ITN 30.6 -

Dear business partners,

our product portfolio has been extended with a new heat cost allocator E-ITN 30.6. This heat cost allocator works with transmitting protocol wireless M-BUS and supports both monthly and yearly billing.

For more information, please click here or check the operation manual.