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Electronic heat cost allocator E-ITN 30.6 with integrated radio transmitter - wireless M-BUS

E-ITN 30

E-ITN 30.6 is a modern electronic device intended for ratio-based allocation of heat cost in buildings with central heating system . The allocator can be used for yearly and monthly billing.

The heat cost allocator E-ITN 30.6 uses the 2 sensor measuring principle. One sensor measures the temperature of the radiator and the second sensor measures the temperature of the room. Using this principle, allocator ensures exact measurement of consumption value only when the radiator really emits heat.

visual readingIR readingradio reading

Data reading

Due to integrated radio transmitter, presence of flat-occupant is not required when data are read. No strangers also enter the flat.

Data reading can be made by billing company employee using mobile receiving unit. Data can be also read by central reading system CRS 40 permanently installed in the building if required.

If water meters with radio modules E-RM  30 are also used, data are read simultaneously.


User control

Every user can control current value during actual billing period and archive value for past billing period on LC display. LCD is placed for better accessibility on the top side of the fashionably designed allocator. 

Odečet naměřených hodnot

  1. current value in actual billing period
  2. archive value for past billing period
  3. control alphanumerical code
  4. first part of allocator serial number
  5. second part of allocator serial number


Protection against cheating

Heat cost allocator E-ITN 30 is equipped with electronic seal. This seal is able to recognize unauthorized manipulation and record its exact date. Data about unauthorized manipulation is transmit in radio signal.
When thermally influenced, allocator is switched to single-sensor mode. Allocator is switched back to standard two-sensor mode when thermal influence is finished. Consumption values and radiator temperatures for past 12 months can be read from the allocator memory via infra-red interface.


E-TIN 30 is intended to be installed in one-tube horizontal/vertical and two-tube heating systems with the lowest mean design heating medium temperature ≥ 35 °C and highest mean design heating medium temperature ≤ 90 °C.

Technical Data

Mean design heating medium temperature 35 - 105 ° C
Start of count temperature of the sensor of the radiator temperature ≥ 23 °C
difference of surroundings temperature and mean temperature of heating medium ≥ 4 °C
Rating factor
individual scale
Display 5-dial LC display + 2 special symbols
Read out visually, radio and infra-red interface
Fraud protection continuous control of surroundings temperature, if the thermal influence is detected, allocator is switched to single-sensor mode
electronic seal records manipulation date when uninstalled
Data backup daily backup of measured values including real time
Function control automatic, can be activated and controlled by user
Dimensions 100 x 37 x 33 mm
Power supply lithium Battery 3,0 V
Material ABS + PC / Al -  F22
IP code IP 42
Conformity EN 834
Technical data of the radio
Operating frequency 868,95 MHz
Transmitting power ~ 1 mW
Transmission length ~ 5 ms
Transmission range up to 250 m (with additional panel antenna)

AES - 128

Block size: 128 Bit

Key length: 128 Bit


Dimensional drawings

E-ITN 30


Possibilities of back plate:

Zakladni desky 30Zakladni desky 30