Clamp thermometer DTTR

Thermometer DTTR is intended for temperature measurement of metal pipelines and central heating piping. Thermometer can provide quick information about temperature in any part of pipeline without its disruption, only by attaching thermometer to the pipe surface. This significantly reduces costs for operation and maintenance.


Thermometer DTTR consists of a body in which a dial and a pointer are placed, and of a cup with an embedded bimetallic measuring system.

There is a rotating clip at the back of the body to attach the thermometer to pipes 3/8" and 1/2" (smaller clip) or 3/4" and 1". Rotating clip allows arbitrary turning of thermometer body. Thermometer is equipped with rotating holder with spring for attaching to pipes 5/4", 6/4" and 2". This version also allows arbitrary turning of thermometer body.

Aluminium heat conducting ring corresponding to pipe diameter is supplied as part of delivery (can be ordered also as accessory). Place the heat conducting ring to the pin in the thermometer back before attaching thermometer to the pipe.

Technical data

Scale range
Scale division
Pipe diameter (Js)
0 to 120 °C 1 °C
3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"
±5 °C at 20 °C
5/4", 6/4", 2"
±3 °C at 50 °C
±5 °C at 80 °


For common purpose:

  • thermometer name and type
  • diameter of measure pipe
  • quantity

Version Nominal diameter Outer diameter of pipe [mm]
3/8" DN10 16,7-17,5
1/2" DN15 21,0-21,8
3/4" DN20 26,5-27,3
1" DN25 33,0-34,3
5/4" DN32 42,0-42,9
6/4" DN40 47,9-48,8
2" DN50 59,7-60,8

Spare parts

Heat conducting rings can be ordered separately.


service set – contains 3 pcs of thermometers plus 7 pcs of heat conducting rings as above
single thermometer for required pipe dimensions with any quantity of heat conducting rings

Dimensional drawings

Photos of the product

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