Capillary thermal cutout KNTP 8823.02


KNTP is built-in double pole disconnecting thermal cutout based on the principle of liquid dilatation. It consists from two basic parts: switching unit and capillary temperature sensor. If the surrounding temperature of sensor reaches the set disconnection temperature, the electrical circuit is double pole disconnected. The circuit can be reconnected only manually by pressing the reset button after temperature sensor is cooled down. It is not allowed to turn on KNTP under electric load. Only knowledgeable person can reset KNTP 8823.02.

KNTP is installed with two M4 screws. There is a protective earth pin on the cover.


variable location of temperature sensor in relation to position of switching unit
switching unit can be installed in any position
capillary can be bent according to installation need
no consumption of electrical power
low operating and servicing costs
optimal combination of thermostat RT 8803.02 and thermal cutout KNTP according to customer's requirements can be made
distance of disconnected contacts > 3 mm
Technical data
Range of set disconnection temperature Tdisc 35-99 °C
Difference of disconnection temperature -10 °C
Rated current 16 A
Rated voltage 250 V
Max. temperature (switching unit) 85 °C
Max. temperature (sensor) 110 °C
Temperature for manual reconnection Tdisc -15°C
Weight 100 g
Protection IP 00
Protection class I
Max. number of automatic disconnections and manual reconnections 300 cycles
Capillary length 500 mm
Min. radius of capillary bend Rmin = 5 mm
Connecting terminals flat pins 6,3 x 0,8 mm in accordance with ČSN EN 612 

Disconnection temperature is fixedly set by manufacturer according to customer's requirement. Product is ESČ certified by Electrotechnical testing institute Prague.

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